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In Sigmón, we are committed to the emotional health of our children to make learning more effective and long-lasting.

We open a space for children from 6 to 11 years old. From Monday to Thursday from17:00 to 19:00 hours. We are convinced that learning through playing is fundamental in a child's life and in a good learning, is the natural essence that allows curiosity and imagination, so we focus on developing activities keeping in mind the pedagogy and emotional intelligence.

The goal is that the children can participate in the selected workshops and have the opportunity to learn social and emotional skills which helps them not only to control their own emotions, but also to have more confidence, to be more motivated and competent as students in their school environment because they will be able to be focused, carried a good listening and relate positively with their immediate social and family environment.

We constantly work on different skills, such as personal self-awareness, social self-awareness, self-management, taking decisions, and interpersonal skills; the spaces of exchange and knowledge are benefited by a social and emotional learning that are the essential basis for a healthy, positive and satisfying life.

The activities that we carry out in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat are:

ART: Artistic Expression

We will enjoy activities full of color, textures, different materials, techniques, and elements to inspire and capture all the creativity in small and unique pieces of art thus developing the artist we have inside.

C & L Communication and language

Through fun and participative group activities, children will be able to manage and develop oral communication skills, while providing them with tools that allow them to express their imagination at the same time that they write, create stories, speeches, plays, etc. We provide the space and elements necessaries to put into practice the artistic and corporal skills.


A successful English learning needs to be fun and interesting!

We provide a space where we are focusing on making English learning fun and meaningful for children using play, playful and interactive activities that allow us to develop the basis of the language. Our goal is to motivate children to speak and interact with each other in English. We aim to help them to acquire and practice oral, listening, reading and writing skills.


It's a space where children create objects with a diversity of materials and learn techniques to develop their handmade skills or practicing informatics tools. We will make constructions with lego, clay and plasticine creations, or be building miniature objects to recreate the games, 3D puzzles, tangram, etc.

For more information and inscriptions you can call to the telephone 638 008 179 (WhatsApp) or by email:


L'Hospitalet Barcelona  
Sigmón / Pedagogia Emocional


Personal attention 9 to 21hs weekday at our headquarters located in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. In Barcelona arrange an appointment..Telephone support number 0034 + 638008179. By e-mail, you can write to: or complete the following form: