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Julieta Galeano Pedagogue and Psychotherapist / Col. Nº1132

“To know and understand the world of children and teenagers, it is essential to know and understand their language, drawing and play.”

My work with children and teenagers was born many years ago when as an educator I realized that they not only bring pencils, notebooks, and textbooks in their baggage but also: confusion, affection or heartbreak, a few beats, and shouting, while others carry in frustration or sadness.

Working every day with children and adolescents at high social risk, forced to live absurd wars, losing their parents and loved ones, others amid political and social conflicts that led them to desolation. Because these circumstances deprived them of thousands of smiles and playtime to bring in a world of fear, intolerance, disrespect, loneliness, and exploitation, others surviving to bully or immersed in a family crisis, which only nourished by neglect, violence, and aggression not only verbal but also physical. Others have physical and mental limitations that condemn them to an absurd social exclusion. Thanks to this teaching and pedagogical experiences, to sociology and emotional pedagogy, always in a psychoanalytic theoretical framework, I have achieved great personal and professional growth in a rigorous and ethical way through my career as a teacher, pedagogue and then as a therapist in childhood and youth.

My work with children and teenagers focuses on finding a balance between learning and emotions, giving shape to the words in my therapy. It opens a space where they can express their feelings through language or silence. Where creativity, laughs and sadness, playing and drawing can manifest their own stories and experiences, allowing them to express everything that hurts and stop them to understand and learn new perspectives and knowledge. The goal: is to enable their imagination, that they can create, search, enjoy, identify and explain their own feelings; is to let them be free and to allow them to be themselves; Is to be able to understand and help them to discover a world of opportunities, potentials, and capacities, to understand the environment and its own evolution.

  • Director
  • Academic degree in Social science / Degree in Pedagogy
  • Master in psychoanalytic clinic with children and adolescents
  • European Master in Clinical Psycho-pedagogy
  • Specialist in Psychopedagogical therapy

Nancy Meraz Psychologist and Psychotherapist / Col. Nº 22983

“A child without suffering and trauma is a happy child, therefore, advices a promising future.”

I have always been interested in the psychic world, mental health, and personal wellness. This led me to work with children, adolescents and adults in various fields: as a teacher, in recreational and therapeutic activities. I have also contributed in different educational and clinical projects for: immigrants social reintegration, addictions, gender violence and with young people immersed in criminal gangs, which allowed me to approach and try to understand their world in order to help them, to analyze and to contribute coping their difficulties, suffering, losses, and conflicts.

My training and work have a psychoanalytic orientation, where the main objective is to analyze conflicts that generate symptoms, in this way, I try to find out the conflict root and seek for a solution.

As a psychologist and psychotherapist, I consider it essential to provide a space where, through listening, the patient can discover, analyze and elaborate those situations or key points that prevent him from enjoying his full potential and wellness, and at the same time, allow them to unfold the uniqueness of each child, adolescent or adult. Where together we can repair their emotional and thought deficiencies to allow them relief, resolution, and elaboration in order to produce the desired changes.

  • Collaborator
  • Psychologist and Psychotherapist accredited by the FEAP
  • PhD. in Clinic Psychology.
  • Master in Psychoanalytic Clinic with children and adolescents
  • Master’s in early childcare and Family therapy
  • Specialist in the therapeutic and educational psychomotor practice